BAFTA Awards – treat yourself: why not hire a beautiful evening gown, instead?

So, you’ve got the coveted invite to the BAFTA’s,  only a matter of weeks away. If it’s not a gleeful “yippee a chance to show off my Valentino” it may be that panicky feeling: ‘Oh, what am I going to wear?’ We all get that feeling don’t we? You might go shopping for something in a rush, repenting later or you could come and rent one of our perfect evening dresses.

We’ve been styling nominees and guests for over 30 years and are expert in dressing you up. It’s a long evening, so as well as looking the part in an outfit you can comfortably sit in you’ll need comfortable shoes too!

Tip: you might need a colourful, possibly jewelled wrap to keep you warm also.


What’s your New Years Resolution?

So, how was your Christmas? Isn’t there just so much preparation and organization for that one special day?! Or, unless you’re like me, and you roll both Christmas Day and Boxing Day into one so it’s like one of those long weekend you just long for, like a Bank Holiday.

Only this is different, there’s enough Roast Turkey to feed the 5000, an excessive amount of Bucks Fizz which could fill an Olympic size swimming pool, and let’s not forget there’s more children’s Disney films than you could shake a stick at. And of course chocolate, copious amounts of chocolates to over indulge in over the festive period, which at time you say to yourself “it’s fine, it’s Christmas” My diet’s starting after the New Year J

But, all good things come to an end, and we must resume back to normality and get ready for a New Year. Will you have any New Years resolutions? Maybe to stop eating chocolate? Or even give up smoking? Possibly even to clean the bathroom more often. Mine is to start drinking more water each day (must try and stick to this one). But aren’t New Year resolutions a good idea? They really do give you that feeling of accomplishment when you see them all the way through. A goal to beat, achieve something you thought you couldn’t – it can only make you a more positive stronger individual!

Why not tell us your New Year resolutions for 2013? You never know, you may inspire others to do the same.


Tips to you on evening shoes

Tips to you on evening shoes

1. Don’t wear tights or stockings with an open-toed shoe, but remember to get those tootsies polished!

2. Cocktail dresses call out for beautiful shoes – but, for a long dress, the shoes are less important, they should always be pointy with a delicate heel, not some clumpy round toed Mary-Janes.

3. If your shoes are heavily embellished with diamonds, sequines or brocade they may catch on the hem of a long gown, so be warned!

4. You could dress up a court shoe with some shoes clips, or a pair of inexpensive diamante clip earrings, they work just as well. BUT…they are easily lost on the dance floor, hence the advice on getting something whose loss you won’t regret. You could always super-glue them for extra strength.