About Us

A bit about One Night Stand

For over 35 years One Night Stand has been hiring out beautiful designer evening dresses to savvy women from all over the UK as well as London, who know that hiring a dress is an economic alternative to forking out hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on a gown you may only wear once or twice.

Don’t forget that old adage – if it appreciates: buy it –  if it depreciates: hire it!

How to find the perfect dress

We don’t just show you a dress – we inspire and style you into choosing something flattering to suit the occasion – and you’ll have plenty of fun playing dress-up too!

With over 400 dresses in sizes 6 – 18 our vast collection of different designs will suit everyone –from late teens to grannies.

Fresh new styles arrive seasonally so that our collection is constantly updated. The bi-annual sale, generally in April and October, is a great opportunity to pick up a party frock for under £50.

What to do next

Fittings are essential, so please be sure to book an appointment which generally takes an hour first time round. Clients living outside London will often try lots of styles making a note of which they like best, so that we can send them next day delivery when required.

A little history

I’m the owner of One Night Stand which started life in a design studio near Battersea Park in March 1983. It was an instant success catching the mood of the moment with Princess Diana creating a trend for gorgeous evening dresses.

A year later the business moved to a shop on Pimlico Green where we successfully traded for 16 years until I moved our current location.

The Millienium started by moving One Night Stand with its huge inventory into a spacious loft in Flood Street, Chelsea where it trades today and which also happens to be my home.

Joanna Doniger